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Tommy Le Noir is a 29 year veteran with the Arlington Police Department in Arlington, Texas. Currently serving in Homicide Unit, Detective Le Noir has dedicated the past 24 years to solving murders.

Originally from New Orleans, Detective Le Noir moved to Texas where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in criminal justice from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Detective Le Noir joined the Arlington Police Department in 1980. In 1982, Le Noir earned a spot in the Narcotics Division where he focused on undercover work.

After earning a reputation as one of the most successful narcotics detective in department history, Detective Le Noir was awarded "Police Officer Of The Year"  and in 1985 was selected to join the prestigious Homicide Division.

The past 24 years, as a homicide detective, Le Noir is responsible for securing a multitude of murder convictions while solving several high profile cases.

During his distinguished law enforcement career, Detective Le Noir has earned an impressive 80 commendations, 12 departmental awards, his Master Police Officer State Certification, the Distinguised Service Medal and elite honor of "Officer of the Year." A black belt in martial arts since 1975, Detective Le Noir pioneered the Arlington Police Academy's now required program in defensive tactics. He is also a certified instructor in basic and advanced courses in Homicide Investigation, Cold Case Homicide Investigation, Investigation in Police Involved Shootings and Use of Deadly Force, and Advanced Interrogation to outside police agencies at the North Texas Regional Police Academy while lecturing to colleges, high schools, civic groups and the Arlington Citizen Police Academy.

Several of Detective Le Noir's homicide cases have earned national media attention having been featured on HBO Autopsy, CBS' "Cold Case Files," Dick Wolf's "Arrest & Trial" and A&E's "Forensic Files" among others.

In 2007, Detective Le Noir hosted "Murder", a Bunim-Murray Production on Spike TV and was a guest on a variety of televison and radio programs such as Court TV Radio, Court Tv's Open Court With Bloom and Politan, XM Radio's "Broadminded", Sirius Radio's "Maxim" and CBS Radio.

Presently, Detective Le Noir continues working new and cold case murders with his sights set on a career in televison in the near future upon his retirement from the police department in 2010.

Detective LeNoir resides in Burleson, Texas with his wife and children.